Gol Ghumbaz – An Echo

Bijapur, a small town in South India’s Karnataka State but, this historical monument gave a recognizing identity to the town. India’s largest antiquated dome is Gol Ghumbaz. The name finds it roots from Gol Ghummata meaning circular dome. The majestic structure is a mausoleum of Mohammad Adil Shah, the 7th emporer of Mughal Dynasty. A grey basalt structure sits proudly on a big platform and one of the grand royal dome constructed in 16th century. It is widely known as the TAJ MAHAL of South India.

The architecture style of the building is Deccan – Islamic which is a perfect combination of Indo – Islamic and Dravidian architecture. Deccan rulers produced an independent style of their own, largely ignoring the local predominate styles and were primarily influences by the Persian and Mughal architecture styles.

The tomb is a square base hemispherical dome. The dome is second largest in the world and one of the largest single structure chamber in the world, also largest one to cover single space. ( almost 1700 sq. mtr. )

Beautiful petals are carved at its base. staircases at the four corners of the structure leads to seven storey octagonal tower. On each floor, arches opens up and projecting cornices can be seen. A broad eight storey is a space around dome, measuring 3.5 meter. This space is an acoustical marvel, also called as ”whispering gallery”. This amazing echo system reflects the sound for seven times !!! It has been designed in such a way that one can even hear the finest tick – tick of watch across the distance of 37 meters within the vast dome area. And the mastermind behind this design was an architect Yaqut of Dabul…



cornices on each floor
arch openings on each floor
petals at the base of dome


staircase tower


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