Tadoba – An Untold Story

28th January 2017. “Tadoba” was our most memorable trip to start 2017 with !! Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project is one of India’s 50 Tiger Reserve Project. And yes, its a big success. It is in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra and largest national park in a state.

My trip to Tadoba with my beloved made it so much exciting and adventurous. I am an Environmentalist. I love to keep myself into earth activities and eco – friendly things. Whether is a conservation of architecture, environment, our living planet, wildlife or culture. I am an Enthusiast. This trip was specially to study the environment, life cycle of wild animals, conservation of them and people and their life around national park.

Three days trip and five open jeep safaries were much enough to roam around in national park and run behind tigers to see them. First day was of hard luck. No sighting of tiger but, herds of deers, indian gaur, bear, wild dog,  different reptiles, number of species of birds were welcoming me in their territory. Rich in flora was an amazing eye treat.

Tadoba lake is the life national park. The water in a lake never dries up. Its the lifeline all of all the wild citizens of national park in summer. Once this lake was the crocodile breeding center but, after failure of the project, its closed now.

Today, 86 tigers are in the national park. At last day of our safari, Sonam tigress came out of the bushes and made my morning a worth. Of course, a young tigress made us to wait almost one and half an hour just to see her catwalk. It was a thrilled experience to see a tiger in person and capture in camera. Sharing this with your loved one is the cherry on the top !!!

Sonam tigress will be our all time favourite and we both hoping to see her again !!!

Until next time